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We’re a family-owned business with over 25 years experience helping Auckland homeowners and businesses choose the right security system to meet their specific needs, buildings and budgets. Our service is friendly and reliable, no matter whether you know what you’re looking for or need to talk through options. Once we’ve assessed your security needs and agreed on an alarm system, installation can normally be completed within two business days.

Whatever security system you choose, you’ll always get:

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What we do:

Business security systems

We take your business security as seriously as you do, which is why we do onsite assessments of your office, warehouse or retail shop before recommending an alarm or security system to meet your needs. This may include a combination of alarms, monitoring, security cameras (CCTV) or access control.

If your alarm is monitored, our monitoring company is on standby 24/7 to put your response plan into action if your alarm is triggered or something out of the ordinary occurs. This might mean calling you, a staff member or one of your emergency contacts, or alerting a security guard to go and check your property.

Our handy mobile app (or computer login) also lets you keep tabs on your alarm and any activity, wherever you are in the world, 24/7.

Residential - new builds, renovations or existing homes

If you’re about to start or are in the process of building, we can use your house plans or make a site visit to work out the best place for keypads and sensors then wire up your security system during construction.

Standard alarm systems can be fitted in most existing homes. We can also upgrade your system panel, add cameras where needed and install wireless sensors in those tricky areas that are difficult to run wiring to, giving you the best security cover possible.


Often replacing your alarm system with something more modern is the best answer. Mostly we can fit a new security system using existing cabling, so you’ve got reliable technology in your home or business.


It’s no problem to add extras to your alarm system as you need them. We can add more sensors, install pet-friendly versions or even set you up with a remote control that works both your alarm and garage door.


We recommend annual servicing of your home or business alarm to keep it in tip-top working order. Your alarm battery should be replaced every three years, so if we notice you need a new one while we’re there, we’ll replace it at the same time to save you money.

If your alarm is monitored, our system will also pick up if there are any power or battery faults occurring.


One of our experienced technicians will quickly diagnose any issue with your home or business security system, and get your alarm back up and running as soon as possible.