Strengthen your security
with keyless entry

Say goodbye to the days of carrying, losing and chasing the return of keys - or hiding a spare one outside. With a keyless entry system, you can:

  • Control access to your property 24/7 or between set hours
  • Allow entry using the keypad, an access tag or fingerprint reader
  • Change your passcode as often as you like
  • Easily add and remove access for staff or family
  • See who’s entered the building and when
  • Trust your passcodes will remain stored even in a power cut

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Keyless Access Control

Access tags

An access tag lets employees or visitors enter your property when they wave it over the keyless entry reader at the door or gate. It’s a handy option for businesses, particularly if you share the building with others, or if you need to give a neighbour or relative occasional access to your home, without sharing your passcode.