It's easy to check on your property. Anytime. Anywhere.

Alarm monitoring lets you see at a glance:

  • If your alarm is set
  • Who turned it on or off, and when
  • When your alarm was triggered and where (area or zone)
  • If your business alarm hasn’t been set at the usual time or has been switched off unexpectedly
  • Any power or battery faults
  • Your list of emergency contacts

Get alarm monitoring

Our alarm monitoring service comes with a handy mobile app (or computer login) that lets you keep tabs on your alarm, wherever you are. This can be particularly useful if you have tradespeople, a cleaner, staff or young people regularly coming and going from your property.

Around the clock protection

Our dedicated monitoring company is on standby 24/7 to put your response plan into action if your alarm is triggered or something out of the ordinary occurs. This might mean calling you, a staff member or one of your emergency contacts, or alerting a security guard to go and check your property. They’ll also let your Eagle Alarms technician know when your alarm battery is low, so it can be replaced as soon as possible at a time that suits.

Easy and affordable

Monitoring is available on all our alarm panels for $26 a month ($36 for businesses). We can also set up monitoring on existing alarms.


Discounted insurance

Some insurance providers offer a discounted contents premium if you have monitoring.

See our monitoring terms and conditions